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The magnificence of IBPS has stood over 40 years. Working on international testing models like the ETS model, the Institute conducts a wide spectrum of activities in personnel selection both for promotion within and recruitment and selection from outside the organization. Today, IBPS has become a body providing integrated end to end solutions for human resource management of client organizations. The Institute is equipped with its very own fleet of qualified personnel - people from the banking and insurance industry, psychology, information technology and educational measurement who have specialized in the testing process.

About IBPS

Gather market intelligence on Insurance companies Analyse rating reports on insurance companies by top credit rating agencies Responsible for compiling, organising and analysing the financial information. Carry out an analysis of the financial statements of Insurance companies all over the globe. Identify financial trends of Insurance companies to help assist analysis Prepare an Analysis pack to support the Sales team in the US/UK Adhere to set quality and turnaround time targets